Store Your Dry Bulk Cement in High Quality Cement Silos

//Store Your Dry Bulk Cement in High Quality Cement Silos

Store Your Dry Bulk Cement in High Quality Cement Silos

The storage of dry bulk cement is an essential link in the cement processing industry. There are several ways to store cement, but the best way for long term storage is using cement silos.

The cement steel silos have the characteristics of good uniformity in the cement storage section. With the increase of storage time, the storage density of cement increases, which means that the cement will be basically sealed by vacuum in the air-tight storage. The sealing effect is much better than other storage containers such as storage bags.

Cement Silos Keep Dry Bulk Cement in High Quality

Efficient Conveying

Pneumatic conveying pipe is the most commonly used way to inject cement into cement silos, it has the characteristics of low bulk density and good fluidity. In early days, the cement silo can be input 400 tons material each day, its feeding slope is basically in a state of uniform distribution and superposition, measured angle of response is 13 degree. The cement is laid and covered along the continuous inclined surface in the silo, so that the cement input time is uniform.

Before the cement output, the gas mixture permeability is achieved by the high density deposition of cement in the order of alternate expansion through the annular gasifier at the bottom of the silo. After reaching the fluidization state, cement enters the storage silos or transportation vehicles through the input pipeline or the output port.

The basic principle and function of the technology are very close to the loading and unloading process of bulk trucks. The output cement needs to be tested by comparing the physical test with the input cement sampled from six positions which are 1.2 meters away from the silo base line, and comparing their average value before and after storage.

Comparison Between Cement Before&After Storage

Through tests, we found that the physical properties of cement before and after storage are basically the same, but the initial setting time of cement after storage slightly increased, the flexural strength slightly decreased, and the compressive strength of 28 days increased by 0.17 MPa. This indicates that the cement silo can keep dry bulk cement in high quality.

There is a large amount of storage space in the silo cover and the inlet and outlet locations. In order to make full use of these spaces, we have set up the vaporizing tube of the flattened materials in the middle layer. Under the control of the solenoid valve, the fully fluidized cement flows into the lower space through the gas pipeline which is inflated to the gasification pipe, thereby increasing the pressure and making the air permeate into the upper cement layer. As the cement continues to flow down, the top space will be fully filled by air. This not only makes full use of the available storage space, but also achieves the homogenization effect. If the input and output capabilities are balanced, the incoming cement will achieve a good storage effect.

Advantages of Our Cement Silos

We Flyer Steel Silo are cement storage professionals, the advantages of our cement silos include:

  • Various sizes and capacities, can be customized by our clients according to their own needs;
  • Short construction time, can save both time and human resources in the construction process;
  • Have rather low price and high standard quality;
  • Long service life, easy to maintain and repair;
  • Can be built in a variety of geological conditions;
  • Has electronic control system, can monitor pressure, temperature, humidity, and material level inside the silo.

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