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Flyer Silo Construction Equipment

To build high quality steel silos, advanced silo construction equipment is indispensable. The transportable steel silo assembly equipment enables steel strips to be made into storage tanks and silos in desired size at any location.

The equipment used in a spiral storage silo construction process mainly include four types:

Steel Roller Decoiling Machine

Flyer Silo Construction Decoiling Holder

This machine is used to decoil the galvanized steel strip coils. During the on site silo construction, the steel rolling will be placed on the machine, and with the machine spinning, the steel coil will be decoiled to steel strip, so that it can be accessed by the forming machine.

Flyer Steel Strip Bending Machine

Flyer Silo Steel Plate Bending Machine

This machine can bend the steel plate with certain radian required by the diameter of the target storage silo.

Steel Silo Forming Machine

The machine is a key part in the whole constructing process. The double-seam structure is formed by this machine during the silo construction. The edges of two steel strips will be folded over together twice and form the double-seam structure which can be 5 times thick than the steel strip itself.

Silo Bearing Support

Flyer Steel Silo Bearing Support

The support bears the steel strip and the steel silo body during the silo construction. It will be loaded on site according to the silo diameter and the steel silo location.

Technical Innovation

Dr. Shan Minghuan is a senior expert from Germany, and he is the technology research leader in our company. In 2012, he developed the SM60 steel silo forming machine(patent NO. ZL2012202165005). With this machine, the thickness of steel strips that be processed can reach 6mm, which increased the stability and durability of the storage silos. This is also the most advanced steel silo forming machine in the world so far.

Anyang Flyer Steel Silo Co., Ltd endeavors in storage silo designing and manufacturing. Our silos can be used on many fields, we can build cement storage tanks, fly ash storage silos, wastewater treatment tanks, grain storage silos and so on. If you have any questions about steel silos, feel free to leave a message using the contact form below ! You can also contact us with e-mail: info@silosupplier.com

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