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Storage Silo Maintenance Instruction

The Importance of Silo Maintenance

Because the steel made dry bulk storage silo has a strong applicability, it is now widely used. Although an excellent steel made storage silo can be used for decades, maintenance during its use is also indispensable.

Good maintenance can not only ensure the long-term safe use of the steel silo, reduce the repair rate of the steel silo, but also effectively extend the service life of the steel silo.

Poor operating habits and environmental impacts, as well as untimely maintenance, can result in corrosion, damage, failure, or even collapse of the storage silo.

Therefore, doing a good job of daily maintenance is an important task for silo users.

But many users lack the knowledge about the use and maintenance of storage silos.  So here we will show you some tips on how to maintain a silo properly.

Detailed Silo Maintenance Instructions

I. Silo Maintenance Instructions

  1. Hermeticity check. Silo leakage accidents are very common and most of them occur at the joints between steel plates. Therefore, airtight inspection is an essential task in daily life.
  2. Level gauge inspection. The level gauge should be checked to guarantee the storage silo wouldn’t be overloaded.
  3. Check whether the top vent hole and the axial fan hole are blocked. If they are blocked, it will cause the internal air of the silo to not circulate and the pressure to be abnormal, which could lead to various accidents.
  4. Check whether there is cracking in the silo body. When galvanized parts and painted parts are rusted, they must be treated in time.
  5. Check the bolt connection between the ribs and the wall of the storage silo. If it is found that the bolt is loose or falling off, repair it immediately.
  6. The door frame of the silo and the adjacent peripheral side panels inspection. See if there is any sign of deformation or cracking, and take maintenance measures according to the condition of the storage silo.
  7. Check the joint parts of the silo like the welding place, the surface of the silo, and so on. If there are abnormal conditions such as welding deformation and cracking, the silo should be no longer used until it is repaired.

II. Regular Maintenance of Storage Silos

  1. The inspection and maintenance for the silo top platform should be performed regularly to avoid rain leakage and steel rust.
  2. The user should regularly check whether the silo roof is intact and whether the fastening bolt is loose. And regularly check the weld seam of the silo roof, and take necessary anti-corrosion measures according to the inspection conditions.
  3. The user should regularly check the rust and leakage of the process holes (including vents, manholes, temperature holes, seats, etc.).
  4. Because the working mode of the storage silo is alternating load, the welding point of the silo should be inspected every six months, and the welding spot should be corrected and repaired, and the rusted part should be treated with anticorrosion measures in time.
  5. Before the arrival of the rainy season each year, the user should carefully check the waterproof conditions of the storage silo. Attention should be paid to checking the rainproof conditions in the joints of the storage silo, and prevent rainwater from entering the silo from this point, resulting in deterioration of the materials.

III. Notices in the Process of Silo Maintenance

  1. Each time the storage silo is emptied, the user should check the condition of the silo door to see if there is any cracking around it and whether it is still well sealed.
  2. Each time the user fills or empties the storage silo, it is necessary to check whether the silo wall is deformed, especially the sensitive parts such as the profile legs of the storage silo, and record and archive the inspection results. So we can perform anti-corrosion treatment to the storage silo according to the results of each inspection.
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