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Mineral Storage Solution

FLYER designs and provides storage solutions for mineral materials. The materials can be stored in our mineral storage tanks include:

Cement, Lime, Limestone, Coal, Sand, Fly Ash, Frac Sand and much more.

With good overall performance and long service life, our steel tank is very suitable for storing mineral powder and slag. For cement storage systems, we can provide you with the most cost-effective approach for a complete storage and load out facility. For coal storage, we provide functional mass flow or expanded flow discharge systems to prevent material bridging inside the silo and provide reliable material flow. For sand storage, we provide complete storage and load-out facilities. For lime storage, we lead the industry in turnkey storage systems for limestone, lime, hydrated lime, pebble lime and quicklime applications.

Mineral Storage Tank Features

  • Unique design and construction method. Our mineral storage tank is constructed with unique professional equipment. The steel sheet in the outer silo body is seamed to a spiral convex band with the thickness of 30 to 40mm, which is five times thick than the sheet itself. This is the double-seamed structure, and this structure significantly enhanced the strength and stability of the steel tank.
  • Fast construction and low cost. Our silo construction technology requires few labors but is very efficient. The on-site bending equipment could bend the steel plate at the speed of 3-5m/min, it only takes 5-7 days to build a 1000 tons storage tank. Both the construction equipment and the steel plate are very easy to transport and ship, and their weight is light, makes you save a lot of money on shipping and constructing.
  • Strong materials and long service life. The material we use is high quality galvanized steel plates supplied by Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The steel plate is galvanized with zinc in 275g/m2, provides the tank with high resistance to corrosion. The steel plate also possesses high strength. With such superior steel and our double-seaming technology, the storage tanks can be much more durable than traditional tanks.
  • Multiple sizes and capacities available. We can construct mineral storage tanks from 75m3 to 10,000 m3. The diameters of the storage tanks can range from 3m to28m, and the height can reach 30m in maximum.

The advanced technology, the outstanding performance of our storage tanks and the professional constructing team have earned us a high reputation and renown in China.

With our business growing, we desire to extend our business overseas. Now we are ready to provide excellent and economical storage solutions for customers around the globe.

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