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Flyer silo storage solution company
Who We Are

We are AGICO Cement International Engineering Co., Ltd., one of the most outstanding storage solution providers in China.

We specialize in silo and storage tank construction and provide a series of services for sustainable storage solutions, including product designing, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

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AGICO Silo Construction Technology

AGICO steel silo uses the most advanced spiral undercutting technology in the world to build storage tanks, which ensures that our storage tanks have superior quality and provide the highest safe level when storing various substances.

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We focus on offering our clients the best and safest storage solutions. As one of the most successful storage solution providers in China, AGICO Silo supplies various storage tanks and silos for bulk storage.

cement silo projectcement silo project

The company has been in business for ten years from its inception to today. In the past ten years, it has consistently built high-quality steel silos for local users and has completed more than one thousand steel silo projects. Our customers come from a variety of industries, including food processing, mining, cement manufacturing, construction, farms, wastewater treatment, chemicals, and more. The construction of different types of steel silos for customers in different industries has enabled us to build a wealth of construction experience, and at the same time, build a good reputation in China.

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Spiral steel silos are widely used in human society. We can find them in farms, mining process, bulk handling systems and many other places. However, the number of accidents caused by the collapse of steel silos also increases. The safety [...]

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