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Grain Silos & Grain Storage Tanks

Introduction of Grain Silos

Choosing the right storage container is the primary task for grain storage. Flyer steel silos are resistant to moisture, insects and rodents, and they are easy to feed and discharge, it is hard to find a more suitable container for grain storage. Our grain silos are quite airtight, so it is suitable for insecticides. We provide a wide range of galvanized steel silo storage products with different capacities, and serve complete storage solutions for the agricultural markets around the world. After decades of experience in storage design and manufacturing, our company’s garin storage silos have become the preferred product for many users. No matter what kind of steel silo you need, we can customize it for you.

Our grain silos can well control the temperature and humidity in the silos, which can effectively prevent grain spoilage. Some people build concrete silos to store grain, however, concrete silos weigh 6 to 10 times more than steel silos. In order to store the same amount of grain, the investment in steel silos is only half that of a concrete silo. In comparison, our grain silo can help customers save a lot of money. Our grain silo is made of high quality galvanized steel sheet and can be used for 30 years without rust.

FLYER Grain Silos’ Featured Advantages

  • Strong sealability: By using professional bending and jointing equipment, we ensure the high quality of each part of the silo body, which greatly improves the sealability of the grain silo. Therefore, using grain silos to store grains can meet the technical requirements of pesticides and fumigation.
  • Built-in temperature measuring device: The grain silo is equipped with a temperature measuring device. When the temperature in the silo changes, the mobile blowing ventilation device will be activated to ensure storage safety. The silo can therefore be the safest and most effective method of storing grain and is not affected by outside influences.
  • Easy to operate: high degree of automation, advanced loading and unloading equipment, convenient operation and management.
  • We are very respectful of the customer’s requirements: we provide a series of grain silos to eliminate the risk of common insect pests and chemical residues in the grain storage process.

What Can Steel Silos Bring to Grain Storage System?

  • Elevate your grain management to a new level with a complete grain silo system. Flyer offers silos with highest heights and largest grain-holding capacities.
  • More choices for customers to choose. The capacity of a grain silo can reach 44,550 m³and it can fully meet your needs for grain storage.
  • Many innovative designs are adopted to the grain silos to help you protect your valuable stored grains.
  • Steel silo has excellent durability and performance. Its scientific design and the use of ventilation equipment ensure the quality and safety of the grain.

Grain Silo’s Application

Before storing food, impurities in food should be removed as much as possible. We usually use winnowing to remove pests, straw, weeds, sand and other impurities. Food must be fully dried before it is stored. There are several methods to store grain, and Flyer Grain Silos can be applied in all of them:

  • Ordinary storage: The grain must be cleaned and dried before stored. The grain is then placed in an appropriate temperature grain silo and the silo should be sealed. People need to ensure good pest control, moisture protection, rodent control and daily food inspections.
  • Heat Seal Storage: This method is used at high temperatures in summer. The temperature of grain after heat storage is increased to achieve insecticidal effect.
  • Natural Hypoxia Storage: Natural hypoxia storage is only applicable to newly harvested wheat. When using this storage method, clean the wheat first and then dry it in the sun. Dry wheat is placed in grain silos within a week. The feeding and discharging of grain silos are points that require special attention. During natural anoxic storage, workers must regularly inspect the grain silo to ensure that the entire silo is in good condition. If the silo is not tightly sealed or damaged, the effect of anoxic storage cannot be achieved.

Grain storage management is a very tedious task requiring workers to have sufficient time to regularly inspect food storage and carry out daily maintenance of grain silos. However, flyer grain silos can help you save these tedious tasks.

With experienced and well-managed professional installation teams, our gain silo is durable and easy to operate. We have a telephone service every three months to remind customers of problems that may arise when using steel silos, and collect opinions or suggestions on product quality and related services. We promise to arrive at the scene within 36 hours of receiving feedback. Flyer Silo is your relieved choice.

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