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Flyer Tank Construction Material

To ensure our storage tanks and silos are suitable for storing aggressive materials,  we use high intense galvanized steel as silo constructing material.

High Intense Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel strip coil

Galvanized rolling strip is produced by hot – rolled steel strip or cold rolled strip as substrate through continuous hot dip galvanizing. It possesses the features of strong corrosion resistance, great malleablization, high strength, beautiful appearance and low produce cost.

The electrochemistry potential of galvanized layer is more negative than that of common steel material, and the zinc coating has excellent electrochemical protection performance. The zinc coating is thick and compact, its adhesion to the steel matrix is strong and durable, and the galvanizing amount is 600g/m2. The service life of galvanized steel can be over 30 years. There is no need to repair the galvanized steel layer in the process of use, and the hot plating process is simple and the productivity is high. The galvanized layer is economically competitive compared with other protective coatings, especially for long term use, and the cost of the galvanized layer is much lower than the paint coating.

Different Tanks Use Different Steel

Steel tanks in different sizes use different galvanized steel. The thickness of the galvanized steel strip is calculated according to the ring drawing. The maximum thickness can reach δ=4 mm, and the thinnest steel strip can reach δ=2.0mm. The thickness of galvanized rolled strip in the middle and lower part of Flyer steel strip is different. The thickness of the bottom part is 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 4.5mm, the thickest strip can be 5.5-6mm. The thickness of the general upper part is thinner. The thinnest thickness of the steel strip can be only about 2.5mm.

Flyer Tank Material Supplier

HBIS steel rolling strips

The steel we use to build storage tank is supplied by Handan Steel and Iron Company, or Hansteel. It is now a subsidiary of HBIS(Hebei Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.), which is one of China’s largest iron and steel material manufacturers and suppliers, and ranked 221st in Fortune magazine’s latest top five hundred companies.

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