Pulverized Coal Steel Silo

//Pulverized Coal Steel Silo

Pulverized Coal Steel Silo

Coal powder refers to coal with a particle size of less than 0.5 mm, which is a pulverized coal product prepared by grinding coal into a certain particle size through a coal powder preparation system. Pulverized coal is widely used in many fields such as steel making and power generation. According to the purpose, it is generally divided into: blast furnace pulverized coal, boiler pulverized coal, industrial kiln pulverized coal, cast pulverized coal and so on. In modern society, people have begun to use steel silos to store pulverized coal. The use of pulverized coal steel silos is becoming more and more common.

The Outstanding Performance of Coal Steel Silo

The pulverized coal steel silo completely compensates for the shortcomings in the traditional concrete silo design. With a new concept and cutting-edge digital functions, it almost achieves a 100% emptying rate and brings safety, reliability, energy saving, environmental protection, and cost-effective.

Advanced Design:

The coal steel silo can be 4-15 meters in diameter and the design capacity is 500–5000 cubic meters. The silo bottom is self-flowing multi-point discharge, and loaded in bulk.

Unique Structure:

The silo body is designed to be cylindrical. The top and the bottom of the silo are designed to be tapered or platform-shaped, all of which are all-steel structure, waterproof and moisture-proof, can prevent the occurrence of pulverized coal slab, core pulling, tilting and collapse.

Large Capacity:

A single silo has a volume of 100–5000 cubic meters and can form a large-capacity silo group.

Easy Input:

According to the size of the pulverized coal dust and the situation on the spot, different methods can be adopted to input the silo, such as lifting machine input, conveyor belt input, and tubular belt input, etc.

Low Investment:

Compared with the concrete silo, the steel silo can save about 50% of the construction cost and 60% of the land.

Safe and Reliable:

We use patent dust removal technology during the input and out to avoid environmental pollution.

Economic and Stable:

The steel silo has a low maintenance cost and low energy cost, but a long service life which could reach 30 years.

Safety Precautions in Use

Due to its own characteristics, coal may spontaneously ignite and explode after being processed into pulverized coal. The early stage of pulverized coal explosion is often spontaneous combustion. The finer the pulverized coal is, the greater the risk of explosion. The possibility of explosion of coarse coal powder is smaller, and it will hardly explode when the particle size of coal powder is larger than 0.1 mm.

Since pulverized coal is a powdery particulate matter, if there is a problem with the storage method and method, it will cause environmental pollution and is extremely harmful to human health.

We should always pay attention to following issues during the pulverized coal storage:

  1. During the storage of pulverized coal, the level of the pulverized coal in silo should be kept to about 80%, and the load should be kept stable. At the same time, pay attention to track the temperature and the CO concentration inside the silo.
  2. Empty the pulverized coal silo when you are going to stop grinding for a long time.
  3. In the short-term stop grinding, if there is still pulverized coal in the warehouse, a layer of raw meal powder should be placed in the warehouse, and the CO content in the warehouse and the temperature change in the upper and lower limits should be closely monitored.
  4. Once you find that the coal powder silo is on fire, you should calm down, calmly and quickly prepare for the fire.
  5. If it is necessary to enter the steel silo for maintenance inspection, it can be entered only if there is only a small amount of pulverized coal in the silo.
  6. Before entering the silo, you should know the temperature and CO rise in the coal powder bin. If the bottom temperature exceeds 80 °C during shutdown, or the temperature of the top wall of the silo reaches 75 °C, and the CO concentration at the top of the silo continues to rise, it indicates that the coal powder has self-ignited in the silo, and it should be prohibited to enter the silo at this time.
  7. The same person should not stay in the pulverized coal silo for too long. If you feel unwell at work, you need to go out of the silo immediately. Assisting personnel outside the silo need to be in close contact with the operators inside the silo to prevent accidents.
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