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Chemical Storage Silos

FLYER can provide you the most satisfied storage solution for dry bulk chemical materials. Our chemical storage silos adopt the double-seam structure, which possesses brilliant airtightness, and are perfect for dry bulk chemical storage. We address the factors that should be addressed in chemical storage applications including thermal expansion, design and operating pressure/vacuum requirements, corrosion considerations, coatings and linings, purity, operating temperature, operating environment, materials of construction, codes, chemical resistance, and appropriate design standards.

Introduction of Chemical Storage Silos

Chemical storage silos plays an important role in chemical industry. The brilliant storage performance of these steel silos can make dry bulk chemical materials be transported, stored and utilized more easily.

Chemical Storage Silo Features

  • Excellent sealing performance. Our chemical storage silo is constructed by the spiral folding technology and uses the double-seam structure. The seaming part is five times thick than the steel coil, which could effectively prevent the stored material from leaking or being affected by moisture or sunlight. Tanks built by this technology possesses great sealing performance, and are able to store various dry bulk chemical materials.
  • Strong material. Our chemical storage silo is made from the high intense hot rolled double-sided galvanized coil. This kind of steel possesses high corrosion resistance, high strength, and great stability.
  • Economic price. Compared with traditional storage tank construction, Our silo constructing method requires fewer labors, less constructing time and fewer materials, which make it very cost-effective. The double layer bend method we use can bend and shape two different materials at the same time so that the cost for storing dry bulk materials in chemical industry can be largely reduced.
  • Multiple sizes provided. We can construct chemical storage tanks in multiple sizes. The diameter of the silo could be selected from 3 to 25m, the maximum height could reach 28m, and the volume of our chemical tank can range from 75 to 10,000 m3.

Key Parts of Chemical Storage Silos

The following key parts of chemical storage silos guaranteed their reliability:

  • Roof Top: The roof is designed to withstand bad weather conditions such as extreme ice and snow disaster. The strong down part structure and the connecting radial ribs can make the roof very stable. The roof panels incorporated with ribs ensure the roof can fit the storage silo precisely.
  • Body Steel Plate: The silo body is coated with commercial 275g/m2 double galvanized steel coating, which could enormously enhance the silo’s service life and durability. 450g/m2 and 600g/m2 coating are also available for customized order. Each silo body is manufactured from high-tensile steel that has the ability to withstand extreme pressure and outer force.
  • Stiffeners: Our chemical storage silos adopt high tension stiffeners (can be located either inside or outside the silo), which can make the silos strong enough to survive in a hurricane. The stiffeners are also galvanized so they won’t rust or corroded over time.
  • Wind Ring: The wind ring is used in tall silos and the silos who need to resist strong wind.

Matters Needing Attention About Dry Bulk Chemical Silo

  • Chemical storage silo should be built in dry, ventilated, shady and cool places, and be kept far away from heat and fire.
  • The stored dry bulk chemical material should be well sealed in the silo, to prevent environmental pollution caused by leakage.
  • The chemical storage silo must be cleaned regularly. We could provide free guidance for storage silo cleaning.
  • Workers must dress in the corresponding protective equipment to guarantee their safety if they are going to go inside the tank.

Anyang Flyer  Steel Silo Engineering Co,. Ltd. is a famous storage solution provider in China. We specialize in the construction of different spiral steel tanks for different applications. We have professional construction team and skillful engineers and workers who have more than 20 years’ experience in designing and constructing steel silos. In the last ten years, we have built more than 1000 storage systems like sea port grain transit center, oil processing center, commercial silo project and fly ash storage system. We have earned great reputation in the storage industry of China due to our high-quality steel silo and excellent services.

With our business growing, we desire to extend our business over seas. Now we are ready to provide excellent and economical storage solutions for customers around the globe.

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