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An international firm of storage solution planners, engineers and constructors specialising in a wide range of commercial, industrial and public sector storage projects.

We specialize in the technology of silo and storage tank construction, and provide a series of sustainable solutions for industrial and agricultural storage. Our services include storage silo design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Our headquarter is located in Anyang, a historical city in Henan, China. It covers an area of 30 acres, with 7000 square meters of production workshop and more than 3000 square meters of office building.

storage solution provider

Anyang Flyer Steel Silo Co. is a leading storage solution provider in China. Founded in May, 2007, the company has over ten years’ experience in storage silo manufacturing.


Flyer Steel Silo’s registered capital is 20 million RMB and the total assets are over 100 million RMB. It has more than 300 employees, including reliable management, professional engineers, and experienced construction teams.

Flyer Steel Silo Management


Flyer Steel Silo’s management pursues a people-oriented management approach, attaches great importance to personnel training and talent introduction.


The company has a number of top engineers who have graduated from famous colleges and universities, and we have a cooperative relationship with many engineering research institutes in China.

Flyer Steel Silo Construction Team


The construction team of our company is composed of skilled workers. The years of engineering experience enable them to cope with various construction requirements.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

Flyer Steel Silo aims to be a top brand in the storage industry. Adhering to the value of integrity, sound, innovation, Flyer is willing to carry out the obligations and responsibility as a reliable storage solution provider. We are always endeavored to develop more advanced tank building technology and supply excellent storage solutions.

Flyer Silo's Commitment


We have obtained many quality certificates and patent certificates since our established.

Flyer earned itself the qualification certificates of steel structure engineering contracting, the ISO quality management system certification, and the independent import and export business qualification shortly after it had been founded.

Flyer Silo quality certifications
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