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Cement Storage Tank

Anyang Flyer Steel Silo is a leading supplier of cement storage tanks and auxiliary equipment in cement industry. Our spiral steel tank is the most popular design of cement storage tank in Asia. We not only design and construct storage tanks, but also provide a series of auxiliary equipment and build the whole cement storage system.

Our cement storage tanks are built on site by professional equipment, using galvanized steel coil as the material. The materials and equipment are both easy to transport and ship internationally.

Cement Storage Tank Introduction

Cement storage tanks are on-site storage containers, they are key equipment in cement production line, usually used for the storage and distribution of various cement mixtures.
Our storage tanks for cement storage are spiral constructed steel made silos. We use the most advanced tank manufacturing technology to design and construct every storage tank. With unique manufacturing method, professional equipment, mechanized operation, We produce high quality products to meet different requirements.

Cement Storage Tank Features

  • Superior material. The material used to build these tanks is high intense hot rolled double-sided galvanized coil. It has beautiful appearance, and guarantees the tank’s stable structure, corrosion resistance, and high air tightness.
  • Short construction period. The spiral folding method allows us to construct steel tanks on site. With professional constructing equipment and experienced teams, the tank folding speed could reach 3-5m/min, and a cement storage tank with a capacity of 1000 tons could be completed within 5-7 days.
  • Economic price. Compared with traditional storage tank construction, Flyer’s tank constructing method requires less labors, less constructing time and less materials, and makes the construction process very cost-effective.
  • Long service life. The thickness of the spiral seaming edge is five times thick to the original steel plate, which greatly strengthens its resistance and extends the service life of the storage tanks. In addition, the high durability of our cement storage tanks also leads to a low maintenance cost. Besides, the galvanized steel coil with the feature of corrosion resistant will guarantee the silo’s long lifespan even under bad weather conditions.
  • High flexibility. Flexible choices on dimensions are provided. The cement storage tank’s diameter can be selected from 3m-28m, and the height of 35m in theory to meet various demands.
  • Little space required. The minimum distance between the two storage tanks can be 500mm, which can make full use of space and reduce the tank’s covering area.
  • High convenience level. Flyer cement storage tank has a high degree of automation, together with advanced loading and unloading equipment. The customers can get great convenience when operating and managing our storage tanks.

The cement storage tanks we built have been widely applied in NSP cement production line and corollary grinding station because of their strong technical strength and excellent performance, and have quickly obtained a large market share.

We have successfully completed more than 4000 storage tanks for cement storage in China, our cement storage solutions have been adopted to the NSP cement production line of some prominent cement industry group like Tianshan Group, Qilianshan Group, Tongda Group, Washi Group, etc.

The advanced technology, the outstanding performance of our storage tanks and the professional constructing team have earned us a high reputation and renown in China.

With our business growing, we desire to extend our business overseas. Now we are ready to provide excellent and economical storage solutions for customers around the globe.

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