Things You Need to Know when Using Fly Ash Silos

//Things You Need to Know when Using Fly Ash Silos

Things You Need to Know when Using Fly Ash Silos

Check Your Fly Ash Silo

When using a steel silo to store fly ash, we must carefully maintain the equipment. We must operate in strict accordance with the operating instructions, while complying with safety regulations and learning about maintenance operations. Now, let’s take a look at some of the details that need to be taken into account in the daily use of fly ash silos.

  1. Always check whether there is local deformation of the silo ashes wall of pulverized coal, silo walls, and the bolt joint of the stiffener, if it is determined that the bolt must be immediately upgraded from falling.
  2. Check the silo wall frequently to see if there is any deformation or crack. If true, it is necessary to repair immediately.
  3. During the material output process, after the silo is empty, the fastening devices must be inspected with a conical ladle, especially the bolted connection, joints, and the outside of the cone-shaped bucket. If the fly ash silo has weld deformation, weld rupture or other abnormalities, it must be stopped to avoid major accidents.
  4. Each time the fly ash silo is emptied, we should check the situation of the silo door. We should observe the door, the door frame, the adjacent side panels, and the ribs, make sure they have no deformation or cracks, and take corresponding protective measures according to the situation.
  5. The fastening bolts on the fly ash silo need to be checked every month to prevent them from loosening, falling off and rusting.

Measures for Silo Maintenance

There could be agglomerates formed by the stored material at the bottom of the fly ash silo after prolonged use. These agglomerates need to be cleaned up in time to ensure the normal operation of the silo.

Maintenance workers should enter the silo from above to check the degree of solidification of the remaining materials, and then use an air gun to homogenize the material at the bottom. If the effect is not achieved, the workers will start from the side of the silo door, install the tray unit on the side door so that the rest of the silo material can smoothly flow from silo to silo.

If the outlets can’t work, we must install a temporary discharge chute to clean the material out. Keep cleaning the fly ash silo until material comes out of the pressure cone. Then open the hole 400 mm × 500 mm under the pressure cone, so that workers can unload material from outlet under the silo.

Maintenance workers must take security measures for protection before they can enter the silo for maintenance. They should use a 18mm thick nylon rope as the insurance rope. Fasten one end of the rope to the top of the silo, and the other end to the worker’s belt.

Fly Ash Silo Construction Security

  • All operators must work in strict accordance with working procedures.
  • Safety training at the construction site is required under the supervision of the safety department before the project begins construction.
  • The project manager is responsible for the safety of the building structure. All construction workers in the team must obey the leadership of the security department and control the safety of the construction. Violations of the safety rules must be punished.
  • Workers must conduct safety checks before working every day.
  • The load-bearing capacity of all equipment, including cranes and ropes, must be tested before the silo construction begins.

How to Clean Fly Ash Silos?

The work of fly ash silo cleaning is divided into external cleaning work and internal cleaning work.

The external part of cleaning the fly ash silo is to remove dust. Under normal circumstances, external dust is easily cleaned. A common method is to wash directly with water and, if necessary, with cleaning tools and cleaning products.

The inside of the silo needs to be carefully cleaned. There are dust cleaning devices and arching devices in the silo, which need to be cleaned as directed. In addition, make sure the cleaning work is perfectly done, or the silo will turn yellow inside.

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