Cement Steel Silos – The Best Container for Dry Bulk Cement Storage

//Cement Steel Silos – The Best Container for Dry Bulk Cement Storage

Cement Steel Silos – The Best Container for Dry Bulk Cement Storage

Cement storage has always been the first consideration for cement production enterprises and cement sales enterprises. How to keep cement in high quality for a longer time? Let’s find out the answer from the following analysis.

Cement Silos are Becoming Popular

In recent years, large cement steel silos have become very popular professional equipment in cement industry. Under the circumstances that China advocates energy saving and emission reduction, cement silos have shown many advantages and become the development trend of the industry.

Easy Dry Bulk Cement Storage

The storage effect of large cement steel silos is much better than that of bagged storage. Bagged cement can only be stored for up to three months, even if the bag contains moisture-proof plastic sheets. In contrast, the storage area of the cement silo is larger and the sealing effect is stronger. According to the different storage time, the storage density of silo can be adjusted to achieve better preservation effect. The test shows that the cement in the cement silo can still maintain good performance after more than two years of storage. More importantly, the cement stored in steel silos will not coagulate. The results show that a well sealed cement silo is the best choice for storing cement.

The Geological Requirements for Large Cement Silo

Large steel silos filled with cement are very heavy and will cause great pressure on the ground. Therefore, the geological environment of the construction site should be fully investigated before construction.

The cement steel silo requires foundation treatment, and the cement outside the pile is required to balance the stress in addition to the discharge passage and the wet insulation layer. Otherwise, the cement silo may easily tilt or collapse.

Overall Cost of Cement Storage Silo

The investment in the silo body and the silo base are the two largest proportion of the total cost in the steel silo. If the silo base is built on low quality quicksand, the investment will account for about 34% of the total cost. If built on soft land, its investment accounts for only 15% of the total cost. Other costs include transportation fee, paint cost and workers’ wage.

The steel cement silo has low investment but high return, low maintenance costs but long service life. We can provide high quality cement silo, conducive to improving the efficiency of cement enterprises. We will make full use of our technology and professional equipment to produce high-quality products to satisfy your requirements.

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