Steel Silo Brief Introduction

//Steel Silo Brief Introduction

Steel Silo Brief Introduction

After more than 30 years of development, the steel silo has become a very mature storage method and is very popular around the world. At present, it has been widely used in various storage and transportation links, and has become a symbol of the modernization of the bulk storage industry.

Steel Silo Features

Excellent Applicability

Steel silos have implemented mechanization and automation in the storage industry and perform well in many areas, including material input and output, material monitoring and handling, as well as ventilation and temperature measurement.

Affordable Price

In all storage forms, steel silos have the lowest construction prices. Not only storage parts, but also their foundations can be produced with relatively low cost. All costs for their construction are equal to 1/2 of the reinforced concrete silos’. Compared with the bricks built silo, it can save 20% of investment. And with a drop in the price of steel, their cost of construction can grow even lower.

Brilliant Construction

The construction of steel silos is very efficient. The advantages of the steel silo structure include simple foundation, short construction period, and weather resistance.

Choices We Will Face in Steel Silo Projects

Although there are many advantages of steel silos, if you want to realize all of these advantages, you need to make the right choices in some problems during the construction process.

Building Material Selection

In China, we usually choose the usual types of steels as steel silos’ building material. Steel Q235 is the most popular model. We can easily get it from many steel and iron suppliers at an economical price. If the silo wall thickness exceeded the calculated production capacity of the equipment, we could use low-alloy steel to replace Q235steel. Typically, the walls of steel silos should be galvanized according to corrosion protection requirements. Therefore, the galvanized layer is an important indicator for steel silos, which directly affects their service lives. The thickness of the galvanized layer of our product is 400г/м2, which meets the international standard.

Spiral Steel Silo or Assembled Steel Silo

The thin-walled steel silo is currently the most popular steel silo in the world. It includes spiral steel silos and assembled steel silos. Due to their different designs, the two differ in some features.

Spiral steel silo is manufactured by hot-dip galvanized steel coils, and has a uniform color. Its high tightness allows you to store water, oil, and other liquid materials. Assembled steel silo can use electro-hydraulic plate to replace galvanized steel plate, but its air-tightness is weaker compared to spiral steel silo’s.

Bottom Forms of Steel Silos

Steel silos’ foundation are related to their bottom forms. There are two bottom forms, flat bottom and conical bottom. Usually, we tend to use flat bottom if the silo has a large diameter and capacity, and use conical bottom on smaller silos. You can read more about silo bottoms here.


To start a steel silo construction project, we must take into account the above aspects to ensure the project’s efficiency and low investment at the same time.

Anyang Flyer Steel Silo has extensive experience in the design and construction of modern large steel silos. We can effectively solve any complex issues you encounter in your storage process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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