New Type Dust Collector on Steel Silos

//New Type Dust Collector on Steel Silos

New Type Dust Collector on Steel Silos

As China’s urban construction and infrastructure continues to drive demand for concrete, the concrete mixing plant is developing rapidly. However, dust pollution of the mixing plant limited the vigorous development of the industry. Dust collection should be the main direction of development of an environmentally friendly mixing plant.

Ideas for the development of new type dust collector

Storage silos mainly store cement, fly ash, ashes of pulverized coal, and other powders; these powders are fed to the silo in bulk under compressed air. The silo must be ventilated after exposure to positive pressure gas, otherwise it will explode easily. Therefore, a positive pressure dust collector should be installed on the silo cover.

When bulk material is transported by trucks, a high concentration of dust is easily released into the air. The pleated filter element is easy to block in this case. According to the experience of cement and steel industry, the dust filter should adopt waterproof filter bag.

With continuous filtration, dust outside the filter bag continuously thickens, and equipment resistance gradually increases. At this time, the filter bag must be cleaned to reduce equipment resistance. In order to avoid strong dust cleaning, as a result of damage to the filter bag and destruction of the original dust layer outside the filter bag, the new type silo dust collector is therefore a filter with a pulse bag with positive pressure.

The operation principle of new type silo dust collector

Under the action of compressed air, the powder flows from the truck into the material silo, and some coarse dust particles are deposited in the silo under the action of gravity. The smallest particles flow into the filter chamber of the dust collector with the air flow, and the filter unit is the dust filter outside the filter bag. The bag, the filtered gas is produced through the upper exhaust passage.

When the resistance of the vacuum cleaner reaches the set value, the control unit starts, lifts the valve, closes the air outlet, and then opens the electromagnetic pulse valve. The pulse valve begins to work, and the compressed air of the purge tube immediately inflates the box to remove dust from the filter bag.

About 10 ~ 15 seconds after opening the exhaust valve, re-enter the filtration stage to complete the dust collection process. Then, follow the above procedure to clean the dust one by one until the next vacuum clean program.

Technical characteristics of new type silo dust collector

Structural features

The new type silo dust collector adopts a box structure, which divides the box into several rooms, each of which is equipped with a venting hole, a pulse blowing device, and an air flow device. When one of the rooms is in a dusty state, all other rooms will be turned on.

Convenient design

The new silo type dust collector not only has a maintenance platform and railings at the top, but also a steel mesh for the silos and dust collectors connected to the bottom, so that the air flows evenly, preventing the filter bags from entering the silo and affecting the mixing station. At the top of the device, there is a cover that can be opened. The filter bag can be removed directly by opening the cover, which is very convenient for maintenance and repair.

Use a new circulation and dust cleaning room for the new type of silo cover, adjust the poppet valve and the impulse valve in each room to achieve the “three states” of filtration, purification and sedimentation, therefore the filtration effect and cleaning effect are better, equipment resistance is significantly reduced, and the emission dust reaches the standard.

Positive pressure design

The new type silo dust collector fully utilizes the performance of the silo for mixing stations, eliminating the need to install a blower fan, and achieves resource optimization and energy savings.


The new type silo dust collector greatly improves the dust removal effect, fully meets the normal operation under no-dynamic conditions, effectively prolongs the service life of the filter bag, has independent cleaning dust space, convenient use and maintenance, low running cost and stable discharge. The device is a special dust removal method for controlling the material pollution of the silo mixing equipment, and has the characteristics of practicality and special purpose. This is reliable equipment for concrete manufacturers to remove dust contamination.

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