How to Properly Store Wheat with Grain Silo

//How to Properly Store Wheat with Grain Silo

How to Properly Store Wheat with Grain Silo

Grian silos are built to store various crops and foods. To properly store wheat with grain silos, we must first know its storage characteristics.

Wheat storage characteristics

Strong moisture absorption capacity

The seed coat of wheat is thin, the inner structure is loose, so its moisture absorption capacity is strong.

Long after-ripening period

The after-ripening period of wheat is long. The after-ripening period of different wheat varieties is also different. The ripening period of most varieties ranges from two weeks to two months. The quality of wheat with suitable moisture content will be improved after ripening, which will make it easier to preserve.

High temperature resistance

Wheat has strong heat resistance. According to the experiment, wheat with 17% moisture content will not decrease its enzyme activity and germination ability when it is dried at less than 46 ℃. The quality of ground wheat flour is not reduced, but improved. This provides a basis for wheat to use high temperature drying or high temperature insecticidal.

Good storability

The greatest advantage of wheat is its good storability. The respiration of after-ripened wheat is weaker than that of other cereals. Under normal conditions, wheat with water content within the standard (12.5%) can be stored at room temperature for 3 to 5 years or at low temperature (15 ℃) for 5 to 8 years. At the same time, its edible quality will not change significantly.

Susceptible to insect pests

Wheat is a food with poor resistance to insects and high rates of infection. In addition to a small number of legume-specific insect species, wheat can be infested by almost all stored grain pests, among which maize weevil and the Angoumois grain moth are the most harmful ones.

The ripening, harvesting and storage of wheat are all in the summer, which is the breeding and growing period of pests. The temperature inside the silo after the wheat has just been put into storage is high, and in the case of rainy weather, it is very prone to pests.

Problems needing attention in wheat storage

Strict Moisture Content Control

Because of the strong moisture absorption ability of wheat, we should pay attention to rainproof and moisture-proof during the wheat storage. We should make full use of the high temperature conditions in summer after wheat harvest to expose it to the sun, control the moisture content of wheat below 12.5%, and then store it in grain silo. After the wheat is put into storage, measures should be taken to prevent moisture, and attention should be paid to the stratification of water that may be caused during the after-ripening period.

Put wheat into grain silo when it is still warm

By sun exposure, the water content in wheat can be reduced. At the same time, in the process of exposure and storage, the effect of high temperature insecticidal and bacteria can be achieved. And for newly harvested wheat, high temperature can promote the completion of the after-ripening process. Due to the reduced water content and the amount of bacteria, the respiration intensity of wheat is greatly reduced, allowing it to be stored safely for a longer time.

Store wheat in low temperature and air-tight circumstance

Although wheat can withstand high temperature, its quality will also reduce if continuously stored at high temperature. Therefore, when autumn comes, the grain silo that stores wheat should be ventilated naturally or mechanically to fully dissipate heat, and sealed before spring to maintain the low temperature circumstance in the silo.

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