Comparison Between Coal Storage Methods

//Comparison Between Coal Storage Methods

Comparison Between Coal Storage Methods

The forms of coal storage are mainly as follows:

1) Open coal storage yard, also called the open-pit coal storage yard, is a form of coal storage widely used by traditional coal enterprises in China and has been basically eliminated;
2) Spherical coal storage yard, also known as hemispherical coal storage bin, developed from the structure of dry coal shed, is a fully enclosed coal storage mode, which is one of the main coal storage forms adopted by coal enterprises at present;
3) Cylindrical coal storage silo, or coal storage silo, is also a fully enclosed coal storage mode, which is widely used in coal enterprises at present.

With the continuous implementation of the national sustainable development strategy, the environmental protection awareness of coal production enterprises has gradually improved, and the mode of coal storage has gradually changed from semi-closed to closed. Therefore, the spherical coal storage and coal storage silos have developed rapidly in recent years and have been widely applied.

Open coal storage yard

Open coal yard has less investment, mature technology, higher flexibility in stacking different kinds of coal, and can use the size and shape of land to determine the height and quantity of coal storage, generally in rectangle shape.

The construction of the open coal storage yard is relatively simple. It is only necessary to peel the topsoil layer by 0.8~1m, and compact the gravel at the stripping layer, and then cover the surface with 0.2m coal gangue and compact it, then the storage yard is good to use.

The disadvantage of the open coal storage yard is that the coal storage loss is large, the coal storage is easy to be lost and the coal is easy to spontaneously ignite. If the corresponding environmental protection measures are not taken, it will also pollute the surrounding environment of the coal storage yard. Moreover, the occupied land area is large and the land utilization rate is low. With the continuous attention of the society to environmental protection problems, the form of coal storage has basically been eliminated.

Hemispherical coal storage bin

Spherical coal storage yard is also known as hemispherical coal storage bin, generally using spherical reticulated shell at the top and concrete pouring at the bottom. This kind of coal storage process is different from the traditional coal storage yard. Generally, a plurality of hemispherical coal storage bins are often used at the same time, which is commonly referred to as a hemispherical coal storage bin group.

The diameter of a large fully sealed hemispherical ball storage bin is usually above 80m. At present, some storage bins have a diameter of 120m, a stacking height of 30m, and the reserves of a single hemispherical coal storage bin can reach 200,000 tons.

The disadvantage of the hemispherical coal storage bin is that the actual utilization rate of designed reserves is greatly influenced by coal quality. In addition, in order to ensure the timely clean-up of coal storage in spherical coal storage bin, each hemispherical coal storage bin needs to install a set of stacker, reclaimer with a rotating range of 360 degrees, or special loader and other coal storage equipment to ensure the coal storage cycle and system production efficiency.

Coal storage silo

Coal storage silo is a coal storage method developed in the late 50s. When the coal quantity is small, the coal storage silos are arranged in a single line; when the coal quantity is large, the silos will be built into silo groups. The steel coal storage silos are generally steel structures with a cone shell top, a cylindrical silo body, and an inverted cone bottom funnel.

The coal storage silo has a large volume and the land utilization rate is extremely high. When loading, the belt conveyor directly discharges the bulk material into the silo at the top of the silo, or selectively distributes different coal types into different coal storage silos by using a scraper conveyor. When unloading, the bulk material is unloaded to the horizontal belt conveyor through the bottom inverted cone discharge funnel. Then go to the coal blending tray for coal blending.

In order to solve the problem of coal blockage caused by coal freezing in winter in coal storage silo, a carbon fiber heating device is installed under the silo. Through intelligent temperature control system, the temperature of coal storage silo can be controlled steadily.


From the above introduction, it can be seen that the construction cycle of open-pit coal yard is short, the investment is little, but the pollution is serious; the spherical coal yard has achieved the form of fully closed coal storage, but for open-pit coal yard or dry coal shed, the investment is increased and the construction cycle is prolonged; the coal silo covers a small area, the site utilization rate is high, and the environmental protection effect is more obvious. It has become the future development direction of coal storage form to effectively avoid the loss of coal caused by wind and rain and the impact of coal moisture increase and decrease on the belt conveyor system.

For coal storage yards of the same capacity scale, the fully enclosed spherical coal storage yard has the largest investment and the highest operation cost, but it will not cause coal loss; the investment and operation cost of open-pit coal yard is the second; the investment of coal storage silos in parallel is the smallest and the operation and maintenance cost is the lowest; it will not cause the loss of coal and the environmental impact. It is also the best way to store coal in the automatic loading system.

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