Advantages of Steel Silos in Cement&Grain Storage

//Advantages of Steel Silos in Cement&Grain Storage

Advantages of Steel Silos in Cement&Grain Storage

Steel silos are the most popular storage medium in recent years. Large steel silos can be used to store various industrial and agricultural products such as grain, cement, fly ash and mineral materials, thus meeting the storage needs of most enterprises in modern society.

Adavantages in Cement Storage

The steel silo is a cylindrical storage warehouse made of galvanized coils. Steel silos can also be divided into spiral steel silos and assembled steel silos. The structural principle of the steel silo is very different from the traditional warehouse. Taking cement storage silo as an example, steel silos can solve the following cement storage problems compared to traditional warehouses:

Our steel silo can solve the technical problem of cement cementation and physical index degradation caused by temperature difference and moisture gas in the steel warehouse wall. By installing a temperature control system, the steel silo can effectively control the temperature inside the silo, while ensuring that the physical indexes of the cement in the steel silo remain unchanged.

Our steel silos can solve the problem of water inflow and leakage of cement at the bottom of the storehouse. Our steel silo is made of polymer waterproof material for secondary reinforcement of the bottom of the steel silo. The upper and the bottom of the silo warehouse are made of corrosion-resistant waterproof material as the waterproof barrier. The concrete used in the steel silo foundation and the bottom of the reservoir are all waterproof and anti-seepage concrete.

Controllable prevention and control scope of this design: waterproof grade: grade one; leak-proof grade: 1-30,000 tons of steel silo is between P8-P12, and 5-200,000 tons of steel silo is between P12.

Our steel silos can solve the problem of complete cement discharge. The input and output system installed in our steel silos ensures that the steel silos can be discharged on demand and on time. It satisfies users’ demand for unblocked discharge and full discharge. The discharge rate of 10,000-30,000 tons of steel silos is above 95%.

Advantages in Grain Storage

At the same time, steel silos are the best way to store grain. Thanks to the installation of the temperature measuring device, once the temperature of the grain in the silo changes, we can immediately find out, so that appropriate temperature control measures can be taken to achieve long-term and safe grain storage.

The new steel silos are provided with mechanical ventilation and ventilation ducts at the bottom of the silo. Ventilation with mobile fans is an effective measure to achieve safe grain storage. The use of mobile cooling ventilation can also keep food at low temperature 5~15 degrees. Steel silos can protect grain from external influences and reduce its post-natal losses, which make it the best method for bulk grain storage.

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